Recognize the Causes of Muscle Fatigue and How to Overcome It

Muscle fatigue can be defined as weakened muscle performance due to strenuous activity. This can happen for a variety of things. Starting from the activities carried out repeatedly or continuously, until due to lack of sleep. Knowing the causes and ways to overcome muscle fatigue is important to do. Because by knowing these two things, you will know what steps to take when you experience muscle fatigue. Various Causes of Muscle Fatigue Here are some of the causes of muscle fatigue: Excess activity Every day we do a variety of activities, which if done excessively, consciously or cannot cause fatigue, including muscle fatigue. Ranging from work activities in the office, outside work, housewives who are busy taking care of the family and a variety of needs, to children who are busy with various school and extracurricular activities. Lack of sleep Lack of sleep can actually be experienced by anyone. But parents or housewives who work, take care of children, and do other tasks
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